Vrij werk / Free work


Every object has a skin, an unique surface, and sometimes I can really be moved by its beauty. Some surfaces are formed by extreme heat or freezing temperatures or got its looks by being exposed to the elements during a long time. Result: rare, alienating and imaginative scapes, skinscapes!

Skinscape I

Skinscape III

Skinscape IV

Skinskape VI

Skinscape V

Skinscape IX

Skinskape VII

Skinscape II

Skinskape X

Aanraking / Touch

Elegie I / Elegy I

Bron / Source

Ontbranding / Ignition

Nachtvlucht I / Nightflyght I

Nachtvlucht II / Nightflight II

Nieuw licht / New Light

Pijn / Pain

Verteerd / Consumed

Elegie II / Elegy II