CD-Book Núna

CD-Boek "Núna"

Deze unieke uitgave bevat de soundtrack van de filmtrilogie "Núna", drie korte films over IJsland die ik heb gemaakt. Deze muziek is speciaal voor de drie films gecomponeerd door Peter Johan Nÿland. Het fotoboek bij deze CD bevat 196 pagina's met foto's van IJsland geselecteerd op de titels van de soundtrack. Terwijl je naar de muziek luistert kun je met de foto's de sfeer ervaren van de drie films.


This unique publication contains the soundtrack of the triptych "Núna", three short films I made about Iceland. The music to these films was specially composed by Peter Johan Nÿland. The book accompanying the CD contains 196 photos of Iceland. While listening to the music you can experience the atmosphere of the three films through the photographs.

This unique CD-book contains the soundtrack of three short films called "Núna" and

196 pages with photo's taken in Iceland.

About this CD-Book:

Title: Núna

196 photopages

200 X 200mm


ISBN: 978-90-825048-0-4

Published by: Núna

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The CD:

The music of the Icelandic trilogy by Peter Johan Nÿland

When Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa, the film that later turned out to be the second part of the Iceland triptych, premiëred at the 2007 GoShort festival in Nijmegen I had already agreed to write music for the other two films. Hið Stóra was actually one of the first short films I had ever worked on and the collaboration with Sjoerd had been smooth whilst also tremendously inspiring. Finally in 2011, after almost 4 years crammed full with other musical activities, I found time to finish the first and the third segment.

For Fygja I worked mainly with the axioms of movement and rest. I synchronised the musical narrative directly to the footage by using a set of linear anchor points and dynamic action notation. This modus operandi was the opposite of my previous strategy used on Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa. I had written pieces inspired by the overall atmosphere of the film, that were then arranged to fit to individual scenes afterwards. However, both films share the same desolate analogue synthesizer sounds, designed with a certain Arctic quality in mind. In that respect, third part Núna is a clear exception, as its soundtrack primarily consists of music composed with acoustic sources. However, to secure a degree of unity, the music features melodic phrases and rhythmic elements that occur in all three films.

Peter Johan Nÿland

The book

Over the past two decades, filmmaker/photographer Sjoerd de Vos made over 10 trips to Iceland documenting his travels armed with a single camera. The resulting footage was edited into three short films, collectively titled Núna, for which Peter Johan Nÿland wrote a fitting soundtrack that underscores the vast, humbling vistas, enthralling scenery and often desolate ambiences that the triptych captures magnificently.
In an effort to make Nÿland's music available without compromising the visual context, De Vos made a selection of photos from his vast archive; carefully arranging and compiling these into a beautiful artisanally crafted, 196- page book.

The films

Núna is a humble portrait of Iceland filmed as an artistic impression accompanied by a truly fit soundtrack composed for this project. Only nature and some traces of civilization speak in this triptych of three short films: Fylgja, a brief introduction to the vast Icelandic nature. Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa, shows the greatness of nature in her large and small appearances. Núna, shows the underworld, mankind and the world of gods and heroes. From the centre of it all: the now.

Each film can be seen independently and tells its own story. Together they portray Iceland with all its aspects.

1. Fylgja (Follow)

In Iceland people believe that every person has a spirit (fylgja) that follows where ever one goes.Fylgja is like an invitation to encounter Iceland. Literally we’re “falling” down from the skies from where we saw this strange land, risen from the sea, stretching out under the sun. Once descended, take a ride and explore Iceland: a lifetime experience. Feel invited and follow!

2. Hið Stóra í Hinu Smáa (The great in the small)

This film is dedicated to Herdís Andrésdottir, Icelandic poet (1858 - 1939). She wrote an Icelandic epic song “Upptiningur” about the beauty of nature and finding greatness in her small forms and tiny appearances.

3. Núna (The now)

Iceland is a place where one can feel the past in it’s present. The land breathes ancient times, at the very beginning, long before mankind. Now this land and its people find each other in the visible world, but also in an intangible omnipresent realm. Their awareness living in the same world along with the spiritst gods and heroes is strong. In between heaven and the underworld, past and future is this very moment, the now: the relation to it all.

Sjoerd de Vos

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